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We are Jon and Katheryn, owners of North End Taproom. Michigan born and raised, we moved back to the area after several years of living in California. During our time out west, we loved frequenting self-pour beer bars and were disappointed to see they did not exist here in Michigan. It turns out, it is because self-pour was not legal! We worked with a representative that had a bill he was looking to pass to make self-pour legal. This started an almost 2 year process to change the law including testifying in Lansing, many conversations with legislatures to shape the language of the bill. Ultimately Senate Bill 656 passed in spring of 2023.

After 3 kids, 2 years and 1 law change, we finally opened North End Taproom! Can't wait to share our love of craft beers and other beverages with you!




General Manager

Hospitality has been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember. I was raised by a single mom who instilled in my siblings and I the importance of treating others with respect and kindness and the impact that it can have on someone else’s life.  We didn’t have much, but our door was always open.

As a father of three, I now know that her dedication to teaching us kindness has shaped who I am today.  I gravitated towards the hospitality industry early on and quickly developed a passion for it.  

When I was 14, I got a job bussing tables and quickly became enthralled with the fast-paced environment of the industry.  Every day was different and unpredictable. I have worked in every capacity, from dishwasher and busboy,  to chef and manager.  In my 30+ year tenure, I can honestly say that I still love making people happy by serving them a good meal and welcoming them into our business like they are walking into our home.


So please come say hi. Grab a burger and a beer, and enjoy all the hard work my team and I do to make North End welcoming.  This is our home, and the door is always open (unless we are closed)!



Head Chef

Originally from Mt. Prospect, Illinois, I attended culinary school in Chicago. During my tenure, I often voluntarily worked for free in various kitchens (stage), learning as much as I could from various chefs. Feeling burnt out, I moved to Michigan in 2012 for a change in scenery.  I got back into restaurant life as a result of Charlie Trotter’s passing. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working in some of the most popular restaurants in Southeast Michigan, including Grey Ghost, The Peterboro, Joe Bar and Freya. I started my culinary career when I realized people often stop fighting (with each other), when they start eating.


My menu is the result of that idea where you can eat or share something with a cold beer. While some may call that bar food, I find nothing wrong with redefining what that might mean.


I don't like beer, do you have anything for me?

Yes! We have ciders, seltzers, wines on tap as well! A few non-alcoholic options are on tap too: a NA beer, a cold brew coffee and a soda. Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite cans are available for purchase.

Do you serve food too?

Yes! We have a full kitchen.

Is your patio dog friendly?

Yes! We have a small patio out front and we love seeing the pups! 

Do you sell beer to go?

Yes! We are part of the downtown RO social district so you can fill a special cup to take with you as you wander around the defined area. Check for all social district rules. 

Additionally, we have a crowler machine so all of the beverages on the tap wall can be canned to take with you to enjoy at a later time. 30% off for all crowlers.

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